Writers shape what we know and how we’ll feel forevermore; and in this case, it happens to be about wine. This page is dedicated to those who’ve not only been helpful to all of YOU, but they’ve also been very helpful to me in ways that I can’t even begin to articulate. However, it is because of them that I am where I am today… Celebrating these cherished wine writers with you all.

Alig, Peter ~ The Everything Guide to Wine

Alley, Lynn ~ Food books, wine stories, and worked with Dr. Harold Olmo of UC Davis

Alsop, Jonathon ~ Boston wine writer and proprietor/educator at the Boston Wine School

Apstein, Michael (Dr.) ~ Boston Globe, Wine Review On-Line, among others

Baer, Harold, J ~ His stories are found at VinoTasting, where he’s now Editor-in-Chief   [R.I.P. June 12, 2013]

Barrett, Sondra Ph.D. ~ Wine’s Hidden Beauty

Berger, Dan ~ Vintage Experiences

Boone, Virginie ~ Wine Enthusiast, among other publications

Borel, Kathryn ~ Corked: A Father. A daughter. The wine trip to end all wine trips

Boyd, Gerald D. ~ I first met Gerry when he was the wine editor for the SF Chronicle, Wine Review on Line, among others [Retired]

Citara, Bill ~ Miami based writer

Degerman, Eric ~ Great Northwest Wines

Fallis, Catherine, Planet Grape

Finkle, Harvey (Dr.) ~ Writes and lectures internationally on the influences of wine upon health, and is a member of AIM ‘s editorial board

Frank, Mathew Gavin, Book author, food, wine, travel writing

Franson, Paul ~ Paul has wine writer credentials with Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Wines & Vines, Napa Valley Register (where I’m most familiar with his writings, besides his book), among others

Gentry, Alana ~ Girl With a Glass publisher/editor, 20+ years of professional writing expertise. Her degree in playwriting helped her to achieve the honor for five of her plays being professionally produced.

Goldfarb, Alan ~ St. Helena Star, San Jose Mercury News, Wine Enthusiast, American Airlines’ American Way, and the Underground Wine Journal, among others

Graham, Randall ~ Been Doon So Long

Gray, Deborah M. ~ How to Import Wine

Gregutt, Paul ~ Seattle Times, Wines & Vines, Wine Enthusiast

Heald, Eleanor and Ray ~ Quarterly Review of Wines, Practical Winery & Vineyard (PWV, Wine Columnists Gannett’s Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, Regional Correspondents Appellation America, among others [Retired]

Heeger, Jack ~ Napa Valley Register (Posthumous)

Heimoff, Steve ~ Wine Enthusiast [Retired as an independent, but working with the Jackson Family of Wines]

Hinkle, Richard Paul ~ Quarterly Review of Wines, books on wine, among others

Huyghe, Cathy ~ Forbes, Food 52.com

Koeppel, Fredric – Bigger Than Your Head

Latimer, Patricia ~ Ohio Wine Country Excursions, published in over 100 national and regional magazines and newspapers such as Connecticut, Colorado Magazine, and the San Francisco Chronicle. She was a columnist on wine for the Nob Hill Gazette, Bayviews and Coast, and a columnist on women in business for the San Francisco Examiner.

Lukacs, Paul ~ Wine book “American Vintage, the rise and fall of American wine,” wine Review onLine, Washington Times, among others

MacLean, Natalie ~ Nat Decants

Mangin, Daniel (Danny) ~ Danny Mangin

Marmon, Louis Dr.  ~ Grapelines.com

Mauro, Rich ~ The People’s Palate

May, Meridith ~ The Tasting Panel

Ness, Laura ~ Contra Costa Times, Appellation America

Oldman, Mark ~ Everyday with Rachel Ray, and wine books

Olken, Charles ~ Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine

Pacult, F. Paul ~ Journalist/consultant/UWC Judging Chairman

Parker, Robert ~ The Wine Advocate

Passmore, Nick ~ Forbes, Discover, Town & Country, the Robb Report, the Wine Enthusiast, Saveur, Sky, BusinessWeek.Com, and Golf Connoisseur, among others

Patterson, Tim ~ wine books, Wines & Vines, among others [RIP]

Penn, Cyril ~ Editor-in-chief for Wine Business Monthly, and Wine Business’s Daily report

Perdue, Andy ~ Great Northwest Wines and Seattle Times

Rosano, Dick ~ wine books, The Washington Post, Chicago-based magazine for Italian-Americans: Fra Noi, Wine Enthusiast, among others

Rossman, Marlene ~ Chef magazine, Sommelier Journal, The Tasting Panel, Riviera/Modern Luxury International Sommelier

Stafford-Bow, Peter ~ Fictional mysteries involving wine: Eastern Promise (2023) , Brut Force (2018), Firing Blancs (2020),CorkScrew (2016)

Straight, Sue ~ The Wine Wench

Shriver, Jerry ~ USA Today

Tinsley, Robyn ~ wineskinny.com [Retired]

Wallace, Kieth ~ The Daily Beast

Wark, Tom ~ The only wine blogger and wine publicist on this list, Tom’s writings about the three-tier system are substantive and investigative

Weinberg, Ben ~ Sommelier Journal, among others

Whitley, Robert ~ Wine Competition Organizer, Whitley on Line

Wiegand, Ronn ~ Restaurant Wine (MS, MW)

Willcox, Kathleen ~ Hudson Valley Wines: A History of Taste & Terroir, Wine Enthusiast, SevenFiftyDaily, MuckRack, Vine Pair, and Slow Wine Guide

Williams, Brett ~ Witty Wine Critic

Wong, Deborah Parker ~ The Tasting Panel, Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine, Cheers, Sommelier Journal, and  Examiner.com

Wong, Wilfred ~ Cellar Master for BevMo!, wine writer for many magazines

Worobiec, MaryAnn ~ Wine Spectator




  1. Ron Justice


    We at Sorelle Winery would love to have one of your writers come out to our winery or just speak to us a little more about the winery. We are new to the wine world and are trying to spread the word about our winery. Sorelle is a small family owned winery in the Lodi Appellation. They produce small lots of Italian varietals. Sorelle Winery recently participated in the 2011 San Francisco Chronicle’s Wine competition and won gold for there Sangiovese and Bronze for their Primitivo.

    Please take a look at the website as it will give you more insight on the family that owns the winery and the wine.

    Thank you for your time,

    Ron Justice

  2. Jo Diaz

    Hello, Ron,

    All of these writers are either on staff for magazines and newspapers. This is a guide for you to know who are the key players. A wine publicist, like myself, has these people in her or his database, and should make those invitations directly to each person for you.

    Best wishes with you new project. It’s always very exciting when a new company is launched. — jo

  3. Ken Sternberg

    “I feel very fortunate to be allowed to be working with and contacted by the crème de la crème on a pretty regular basis. This is always how I feel, when an Email, such as Marlene’s, just arrived.”

    Jo! I know this is how you feel whenever I write to you. Why not say it loud, say it proud? You could add my name to this list, as well. How’s Ronn doing doing these days?

  4. Jo Diaz

    He’s doing well, Ken.

    I was jut thinking about you the other day!

  5. Ken Sternberg

    Thanks, Jo. I think about you every day. All day.

  6. janpravas

    Thanks for sharing this, best page.

  7. Brett Williams


    I came across one of your articles and noticed your list of writers…and the section on wine blogs to follow. Each recommendation offers a unique lens through which to appreciate the intricate world of wine.

    On that note, I’d like to introduce my own endeavor in the world of wine blogging – WittyWineCritic.com. At WittyWineCritic, we aim to blend insightful wine reviews with a touch of wit, offering readers both information and entertainment. I’d be honored if you took a moment to explore our content. Perhaps, if it resonates, WittyWineCritic could be a candidate for any future lists you might curate.

    Thank you for the wonderful recommendations, and for considering ours for future mentions.

    Warm regards,

    Brett Williams
    Publisher, WittyWineCritic.com

  8. Jo Diaz

    Hi, Brett,

    Thanks for contacting me. I’m pleased to add you, in the morning. Been a long day, my eyes are aching. I’m sure you can appreciate that!

    Warm regards, too.


  9. Brett Williams

    Thanks Jo:

    The life of a writer is often an oscillation between the euphoria of a finished piece and the relentless quest for the next opportunity. #WritersJourney


  10. Jo Diaz

    I agree, Brett. For me, living in wine country and writing about it as a publicist and wine blogger, I’m swamped. I just need more time. The potential is immense out here.


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