I’ve enjoyed these wine books over the years, as well as some wonderful food books. Perhaps you have a wine book library, too, and can discover a new one here. Enjoy!

Wine Books & More I’ve enjoyed reading over the years

and I highly recommend every one of them


Brut Force ~ Peter Stafford-Bow

Corkscrew ~ Peter Stafford-Bow

Cucina Tipica ~ Andrew Cotto

Firing Blancs ~ Peter Stafford-Bow

Red Mountain ~ Boo Walker

Root Cause ~ Steven Laine

The Charlemagne Connection ~ R.M. Cartmel

The Richebourg Affair ~  R.M. Cartmel

Vertical ~ Rex Pickett

Vintage 1954 ~ Antoine Laurain

White With Fish, Red With Murder ~ Harley Mazuk


A Companion to California Wine ~ Charles Sullivan

A Concise Guide to Wine Grape Clones for Professionals ~ John Caldwell

A Perfect Score ~ Craig and Katheryn Hall

A Zentrepreneur’s Guide ~ Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold

Angels, Thieves, and Winemakers ~ Joseph Mills ~ ©2008

Angels, Thieves, and Winemakers, Second Edition~ Joseph Mills ~ ©2015

Been Doon So Long ~ Randall Grahm

Bioscapes of Wine ~ Dr. Sondra Barrett

Blinders ~ Michael Amon

Bourbon Curious ~ Fred Minnick

Bourbon Curious, Second Edition ~ Fred Minnick

Buy the Right Wine Every Time ~ Tom Stevenson

Celebrity Vineyards ~ Nick Wise

Concannon: The First One Hundred and Twenty Five Years ~ Tim Patterson and Jim Concannon

Cork Dork ~ Bianca Bosker

Corked Wine: A father. A daughter. The wine trip to end all wine trips ~ Kathryn Borel

daring pairing ~ Evan Goldstein

Divine Vintage ~ Randall Heskett and Joel Butler MW

DRINK PINK: A Guide to the World’s Best Rosés ~ by Larry & Ann Walker

Drink This: Wine Made Simple ~ Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

Drinking with the Democrats ~ Mark Will-Weber

Drinking with the Republicans ~ Mark Will-Weber

Evolution of a Wine Drinker ~ Alicia Bien

First Big Crush: It’s a dirty love affair ~ Eric Arnold

Food & Wine ~ Wine Guide 2010 ~ A Pocket Resource for the Person Who Loves Wine

Food & Wine Guide ~ Jamal A. Rayyis

Fruit Aging ~ Tom Pinkson

Georgian Wine Guide (2012) ~ Malkhaz Kharbedia

Good, Better, Best Wines ~ Carolyn Evans Hammond

good wine – the new basics ~ Richard Paul Hinkle

Gracianna ~ Trini Amador

Grape Pest Management ~ UC Davis, SRJC required  required for course study, Viticulture 101

Grapes Grow Sweet ~ Tessa DeCarlo

Great Wines of America ~ Paul Lukacs

Have you ever thought about Making Your Own Wine at Home? ~ Lori Stahl

How to Import Wine, An Insider’s Guide ~ Second Edition ~ Deborah M. Gray

How to Import Wine, an Insiders Guide ~ Deborah M. Gray

In Search of Bacchus ~ Wanderings in the Wonderful World of Wine Tourism ~ George M. Tabor

In Vino Duplicitas – The Rise and Fall of a Wine Forger Extraordinaire ~ Peter Hellman

Into the Earth ~ A Wine Cave Renaissance ~ Daniel D’Agostini with Molly Chappellet

Kendall-Jackson’s “small plates perfect wines” is a perfect cookbook

Living in Portugal ~ Anne de Stoop

Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt ~ Mark Will-Weber

Napa at Last Light ~ James Conaway

New Classic Winemakers of California ~ Steve Heimoff

Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine ~ Mark Oldman

Oldman’s Guide to Outsmarting Wine ~ An intoxicating wine book to treasure ~ Mark Oldman

Old Napa Valley: The History to 1900 ~ Lin Weber

Opportunity of Circumstance ~ Dan Gustafson

Opus Vino ~ Jim Gordon

Passions – The Wines and The Travels of  Thomas Jefferson ~ James M. Gabler

Passion on the Vine: A Memoir of Food, Wine, and Family in the Heart of Italy ~ Sergio Esposito

Romancing the Grape – Relationship Selling for Hospitality Professionals ~ Lynda R. Paulson

Rosé Wine ~ Jennifer Ssimonetti Bryan MS

Spectacular Wineries of Napa Valley ~ Panache

Spinning the Bottle, Again ~ Paul Franson and Harvey Posert

Swallow This, Mark Phillips

Tangled Vines ~ Frances Dinkelspiel

Tasting The Past ~ Kevin Begos

The Booklovers’ Guide to Wine ~ Patrick Alexander

The Carmenere Wines of Chile from the Cachapoal Valley ~ Mariana Martinez and Rafael Guilisasti, Photography by Sara Mathews

The Curious World of Wine ~ Dr. Richard Vine

The Diabetic Wine Lovers Guide ~ by Theodore Berland

The Essence of Wine ~ Alder Yarrow

The Everything Guide to Wine ~ Peter Alig

The Finest Wines of California ~ Stephen Brook

The First Global Village ~ How Portugal Changed the World ~ Martin Page

The Guide to Wine Grape Clones ~ John Caldwell

The New York Times Book of Wine: More Than 30 Years of Vintage Writing ~ Howard G. Goldberg

The Ohio Wine Industry ~ Patricia Latimer

The Psychology of Wine ~ Evan Mitchell and Brain Mitchell

The Secret of Altamura ~ Dick Rosano

The Secrets of My Life: Vintner, Prisoner, Soldier, Spy ~ Peter M. F. Sichel

The Simple & Savvy Wine Guide ~ Leslie Sbrocco

The University Wine Course ~ Marian W. Baldy, PhD, required for course study at SRJC, Enology 101

The Wine & Beer Maker’s Year ~ Roy Ekins

The Wild Vine ~ Todd Kliman

Passions – The Wines and The Travels of  Thomas Jefferson ~ James M. Gabler

To Cork or Not To Cork: Tradition, Romance, Science, and the Battle for the Wine Bottle ~ George M. Taber

The Wines of Long Island ~ José Moreno-Lacalle

Using Wine to Make Sense of The World ~ Elliot Essman

Vertical ~ Rex Pickett

Vineyard – Sonoma County ~ George Rose

W(h)ine ~ Jennifer Todryk

William Sonoma,  Christmas

William Sonoma, Thanksgiving

Windows on the World Complete Wine Course’s Latest Edition ©2018 ~ Kevin Zraly

Windows on the World Complete Wine Course ©2011 ~ Kevin Zraly

Windows on the World Complete Wine Course ©2006 ~ Kevin Zraly

Wine Bible ~ Karen MacNeil

Wine Components ~ Alder Yarrow

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition of the Master Guide ~ Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack

Wine for dummies, 7th Edition ~ Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan

Wine in Words, Notes for Better Drinking ~ Lettie Teague

Wine Marketing Online ~ Bruce McGechan

Wine’s Hidden Beauty ~ Sondra Barrett PhD

Wines of South American ~ Evan Goldstein MS

Wines of the Southern Hemisphere ~ Mike Desimone & Jeff Jensesn

Food books I’ve had the joy of reading  

Baked Doughnuts For Everyone ~ Ashley McLaughlin

Fialho ~ Alberto and Amor Fialho

Gluten-Free Entertaining ~ Olivia Dupin

Pairing Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen with delicious wines ~ Joni Marie Newman

The Kitchen Pantry Cookbook is essential for any wine and food lover ~ Erin Coopey



  1. Andrea Jackson

    I am new to the wonderful world of wine. I recently became an Independent Wine Consultant with The Traveling Vineyard – could you recommend a good beginner read book about wine?


    Andrea Jackson

  2. Jo Diaz

    Andrea, the best book to start with is Wine For Dummies.. My starter book 20 years ago. It’s would still be very relevant. It just lays it out so perfectly.

  3. Joel Butler MW

    Did you ever get around to my book with Dr Randall Heskett- Divine Vintage: Following the Wine Trail from Genesis to the Modern Age [ISBN: 978-0230-11243-8]? It is a good read, and one of the only books that considers wines in the modern “ancient” world in conjunction with an historical consideration of ancient wine (styles) and attitudes, among other things. It is not a religious book, by any means!

  4. Jo Diaz

    Joel, I’m sending you an email.


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