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All the Crazy Things Said About and Done With Petite Sirah ~ Episode 2

File this one under CLASSIC: This is what happens when just anyone can get onto the Internet and write whatever he or she pleases. When it involves Petite Sirah, I’m going to find it. And if it doesn’t make any sense, I’m going to dispel it. I’ve tried the more direct route, by searching out […]


Petite Sirah Versus Petite Syrah, Versus Durif, The Debate Heats Up

Last week, I was just trying to reiterate that in the US, it’s spelled Petite Sirah (with an “i”), not Petite Syrah (with a “y”). Little did I know, or think, that the Durif fans would come out of the closet… But they have, and let’s just get this smack down over with; hopefully, once […]