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Wine Journal Entry

Today I’m so bored with writing on this blog. It’s not writer’s blog; it’s just exhaustion. So, I’m signing off. Are you having a great day? I am now.


Creative Retailers ~ I like how John & Erica Witte think

Anyone blogging these days is getting a bird’s eye view of being a publisher, as we receive all the daily pitches. Some stories are great and innovative; while others are more of the, “Well, at least you’ve read my name, so I’ve successfully continued my branding strategy.” This query was short and sweet, but really […]


Adventures in Portuguese History Have Created an Abundant Food & Wine Legacy

[All comments for today will count toward The Vintner’s Luck ~ A Give Away ~ You may enter once a day to increase your chances.] I wrote this article for the International Council of Reflexologists, Newsletter 2010. They are having their annual conference in Castro Verde, Portugal in 2011. This story was intended to introduce […]


You’d Better Have a Good Reason For Changing a Name, and Jeremy Baker Did

This is what I was told in my wine sales and marketing class that I took ages ago. We were handed this assignment: SCENARIO: You’ve just bought an existing winery. Do all of the following. Then, be prepared to present your marketing plan for this winery to us, the two professors who taught the class […]


All the Crazy Things Said About and Done With Petite Sirah ~ Episode 2

File this one under CLASSIC: This is what happens when just anyone can get onto the Internet and write whatever he or she pleases. When it involves Petite Sirah, I’m going to find it. And if it doesn’t make any sense, I’m going to dispel it. I’ve tried the more direct route, by searching out […]


Getting to the Heart and Soul of Suisun Valley

I’m working on a project right now that’s captured my imagination with new concepts about all the old facts I’ve learned regarding Suisun Valley. We’ve been working with the growers and producers for a six year cycle. As this year’s plan came together, we all knew was that the last year of their grant money […]


Wine, women, and shoes… Shoes? What’s that all about, anyway?

I’ve heard about this event, going on in the background of my life. The first time I heard about it I thought, “How cute,” and then kept rolling along with all the wine things that fill my days. My new marketing colleague April Damron of Damron Marketing has just connected me to this group, bringing […]


Earth Day in Wine Country ~ 40th Anniversary

It’s April 22, 2010, and the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. I was part of the first Earth Day movement, while living in Maine. I do believe the statement that “As Maine goes, so goes the nation,” about so many things… But not all things. Maine is backwards as regards wine being regulated. They’re coming […]


Celebrating Spring with Austrian Flavors Delivered by Szigeti and Zantho

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, and I know where all the flowers is…. In my back yard, which I can’t get to because all of the darn rain. Ugh! Last night Jose and I were with the winemaking team of May-Britt and Denis Malbec. Denis is a third generation winemaker from Château Latour. […]


Further Defining Petite Sirah’s AVA Characteristics

[SIDEBAR: Five copies of the book Corked, by Kathryn Borel, will be given away this Saturday. Just leave a comment on today’s blog entry, to be registered to win. Winners will be announced on Saturday.] The very first wine writer that I discovered who really loves Petite Sirah is Dan Berger. I’ve since identified a […]