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When a wine blog is a personal journal

If you’re reading this blog, please note, it’s my personal journal about being in the wine business…


Content Marketers: If you’ve *really* been reading my blog …

Content Marketers: If you’ve *really* been reading my blog, then you know it’s my personal wine journal [Definition of content marketing: Wiki ~ “Content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.”] I have to go on record with this one. Many […]


Thirty Years of PR and writing: Top 10 things I’ve learned as a PR agent who’s also crossed over to being a wine blogger

I just realized I’ve been doing PR for 30 years, having started in February 1982. This coming December, I will also have been blogging for the last seven years. I’m in a bit of a precarious position, being on both sides of the bridge; and have been, since I started blogging in 2005. It also […]


Dewey Decimal System and other dinosaurs

Travel agents encounter = direct on-line shopping + = the inevitable Dewey Decimal System + Encyclopedia Britannica = Newspapers encounter AOL = On-line publishing Magazines + MSN = On-line “living section” Name the industry + Internet = evolution Wine writers encounter wine bloggers = writers That’s where we’re at with wine […]


The way bloggers are now being approached… What a good laugh I just had

I’m so happy to keep you in the loop of the ridiculous… My little wine blog keeps me endlessly amused, by the way, and I love sharing. We’re actually making history with current affairs, here. I got an Email this morning, and knew that I’d not be interested in what was being offered, just by […]


The Increasing Importance of Writing An *Only* One-Page Press Release ~ or ~ Don’t have to scroll down too far

Today, more than ever, the writing of a one-page press release is critical, in order to get a wine writer’s attention. Why? Writers are getting more mail than ever, and it’s mostly electronic. Who has time to read a new version of War & Peace? A press release is only intended to get a writer’s […]


Thought for the day: Finding A Heart Will Lead Me To Revealing A Soul, If I Write About Someone

Welcome to a day in the life of my wine publicist’s journal… ====================== So… My friend Honey Airborne (as in the 82nd Airborne Division) told me that Mr. Opportunity would be knocking again soon, when I wrote my blog story Mr. Opportunity. I wondered about it, and got on with my life… Too busy to […]


Dear Jo, May I write for you? ~ T.B.N.T.

T.B.N.T. (Thanks, but no thanks) This is something I find myself writing over and over again to people these days… A day in the life of five year old blog (journal)… I have to say, “No thank you” to everyone, because first of all, this is my wine journal. Secondly, while it would seem like […]


A Great Understanding of PR, and What You Could Learn From It ~ Seven Artisans

[This image of the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge is borrowed from the Mass DOT.] This seems to be my PR week. Tuesday, Wednesday, and now today’s blog was originally all in one posting. As I read it in its final editing, I realized how long it was. I am considerate of your […]


Crossing the Bridge ~ A Juicy Secret of PR

When you remove your bridge, don’t be surprised when the spotlight that you were enjoying dims significantly… Perhaps not for the first six months, but it’s guaranteed after that, if the articles from a clipping service also diminishing is any indication. This is just the way it is, as my nearly 30 years in PR […]