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What NOT to do if you’re a writer ~ A True Juicy Tale

The statement below (on Facebook within a private group) inspired the following blog story… It’s a secret that I’ve long held; and, it’s “What NOT to do if you’re a writer.” This became the title, when I thought about how to position this memory. I’ve held it too long, I need to just let it […]


Wine? Get over it with wine writer Jonathon Alsop

A long time friend and wine associate, Jonathon Alsop is also is the owner of the Boston Wine School. In the early years of my wine blogging (2006), this was one of my first focused blog posts, being duly fed up with wine’s pomposity. I wrote, Everyone Has a Palate. Wine doesn’t deserve the elitist hype […]


Thirty Years of PR and writing: Top 10 things I’ve learned as a PR agent who’s also crossed over to being a wine blogger

I just realized I’ve been doing PR for 30 years, having started in February 1982. This coming December, I will also have been blogging for the last seven years. I’m in a bit of a precarious position, being on both sides of the bridge; and have been, since I started blogging in 2005. It also […]


The Increasing Importance of Writing An *Only* One-Page Press Release ~ or ~ Don’t have to scroll down too far

Today, more than ever, the writing of a one-page press release is critical, in order to get a wine writer’s attention. Why? Writers are getting more mail than ever, and it’s mostly electronic. Who has time to read a new version of War & Peace? A press release is only intended to get a writer’s […]


Advertising makes the world go round, and writers are in the food chain

I just came across my friend Steve Heimoff‘s blog entitled, “The [increasingly] dark side of social media.” It’s really fun to watch Steve try to wrap his mind around social media, because truthfully… Steve is one of the few people in the world who is a true journalist; that’s to say, he doesn’t understand the […]


Wine Bloggers Worth Celebrating

Time to shine a spotlight on those who have been kind enough to send some light my way. It’s my hope to possibly turn you onto a great wine blogger that you might not know… Most of them you might already know. Each person mentioned in this list has the same passion that I know […]


Hey, I’m not God… And neither is anyone else…

There are two issues within this blog posting: Marketing rule 101, know your audience Writing rule 101, know how to write your message Marketing rule 101: know your audience for your awards People who sell your wine should love to hear about your gold medals. Once awarded, sales support happens with a shelf talker. Great […]


Thinking About New Social Media Personalities When “33 Books” Arrived

What goes around, comes around; and it all starts with a glass of wine and note taking. I was just sent a package by the 33 Books Company; and, was also shipped a few wine samples for different things going on in my life: upcoming events (Toast of the Town, Ghirardelli) someone wanting me to […]


Weighing in on the Tanzer Wine Blog “About” Page Debacle

If you don’t know, Stephen Tanzer ~ one of the world’s most well respected wine writers ~ just launched a wine blog called Winophilia. Unfortunately, he unwittingly did it with his boxing gloves on. I say unwittingly, because he hadn’t yet jumped into the wine blogging pool, so he didn’t know who the swimmers of […]


An Unwritten Rule That’s Now Been Written

First Annual Reader Appreciation Day on Wine-Blog: Don’t forget to comment each day with your name during this week. It’s for the drawing… a pair of gorgeous Riedel Vinum etched glasses from my PSILY stash. The winner will be announced this Saturday morning on Wine-Blog. Good luck! Just in time for Thanksgiving… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rule #1: […]