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A New Book From Dick Rosano ~ The Secret of Altamura

If you’re looking for a wine county novel to read, Dick Rosano’s books won’t disappoint you. He’s an excellent author.


Wine? Get over it with wine writer Jonathon Alsop

A long time friend and wine associate, Jonathon Alsop is also is the owner of the Boston Wine School. In the early years of my wine blogging (2006), this was one of my first focused blog posts, being duly fed up with wine’s pomposity. I wrote, Everyone Has a Palate. Wine doesn’t deserve the elitist hype […]


Some common misconceptions about wine blogs + reality checks

The following are some are common misconceptions about wine blogs, and I’m taking it a step further by presenting a reality check to go along with each misconception. This is coming from a seasoned wine pro, who is also blogging. Additionally, I’m very aware of the cadre of wine writers who’ve come before many of […]


The Walman Report ~ Jay & Nancy Walman ~ Wine Writers

The relationships between a wine publicist and media people are very interesting. I dare say that for the last 19 years of being a wine industry publicist, my relationships with wine writers, including the additions of wine bloggers, have been 99 percent charming, endearing, and positive… with lots to write home about. I have great […]


Dewey Decimal System and other dinosaurs

Travel agents encounter = direct on-line shopping + = the inevitable Dewey Decimal System + Encyclopedia Britannica = Newspapers encounter AOL = On-line publishing Magazines + MSN = On-line “living section” Name the industry + Internet = evolution Wine writers encounter wine bloggers = writers That’s where we’re at with wine […]


How do Hurricane Katrina and wine come together in the same breath?

The wine writers I’ve featured on this blog, up to this point, have been people I’ve worked with over the years. Recently, I was asked by wine writer Lorrie LeBeaux if I’d write about her on my blog. Lorrie S. LeBeaux ~ originally from New Orleans ~ Wine Writer #37… “Hum…” I thought to myself, […]