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“Still Partying” Thoughts That Might Hold Some Answers

Here’s a comment that I received in response to my Wine Spectator blog, which came from the Open Wine Consortium Website. It was asked by Ron McFarland of New Zealand Foods, and is a look with predictions into the future of advertising. Time will tell if any of this makes sense or not. Jo You are pretty […]


Live Better University – The 100 Great Advice Blogs: Wine is a Category was started in 1999 by Deborah Mahony, with the simple mission of answering everyday common questions. Since its conception, Ask has overgone some changes, but none more radical then when it was acquired by Small World Market in 2009. The Website places members and user interactions as the main focus of this site, […]


Some Truths Behind the Wine Industry and Social Media

Open Wine Consortium is one of the social networks where I find myself visiting with frequency. One can’t be left behind, once one knows there’s a movement afoot. Open Wine Consortium was the support system behind the Wine Bloggers Conference, and I find myself drawn in, a bit like a moth to a flame. As […]