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Do you have issues with Corkage? I got over mine…

I just read this Facebook question: “What are your issues about Corkage Fees?” written by Bill Eyer. This question was stemming from a thoughtful blog on the subject at Cruvee Corner Wine Blog, also written by Bill Eyer. First, Corkage fees are defined as what one pays when he or she brings his or her […]


The Unshopping List: What is it, and who’s got one

What is it? Well, it can be one of two things, I think. It’s all those items you see in a grocery store that were picked up by someone, and moved to another location. The things got, “Unshopped” and therefore belong on an “unshopping list.” Another definition would be related to all those guys out […]


Wining and Dining the Millennials

If I had the job of designing wine lists in a restaurant, I’d create one that would be double sided… One side would continue to be strategically tailored to Baby Boomers, since their spending habits are still at the top of the spending curve. The traditional wine list would reign, because this is what boomers […]


Chinois Asian Bistro ~ Where A Great Wine List is a Major Component of the Draw

Everyone’s got a favorite “haunt.” For me, it’s Chinois Asian Bistro. If you’re traveling in the Healdsburg area of Sonoma County, Windsor is just minutes down the road. This small town doesn’t have the crowds that are becoming associated with Healdsburg, but has every bit of the delightful flavors of wine country.