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Wine Sippy Cup

Wine Sippy Cup? You’re kidding, right? It would seem so; we’re not kids anymore. Have I ever had wine from plastic? Of course. By a pool or at the lake, glass on the grass or cement isn’t practical; it can be downright dangerous. Give Simple seems to think a wine sippy cup can serve our […]


The sexiest wine glass of the season isn’t even a wine glass, but it sure is sweet

Sitting in a meeting with Ron Rubin, who owns both The Republic of Tea and River Road Family Vineyards and Winery, regardless of the subject, tea is always part of his initial hospitality. Who better to present delicious teas, honestly, than the man who’s been around the globe to hand select the best quality leaves? […]


GIVE AWAY GIFTS: Holiday gifts for Wine-Blog fans

I appreciate you guys. First of all, you know that wine-blog is not your average wine blog. Next, you’ve got to have a sense of humor, or you wouldn’t be here. Finally, you put up with me. Because you take your time to read my ramblings, and in the spirit of the season, I have […]