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2018 September’s Winesong Weekend is coming in Mendocino County

[All images are from Winesong.] In its Thirty-Fourth year, Winesong Weekend, Mendocino County’s premier food and wine experience, will take place on Friday, September 7, and Saturday, September 8. The folks are Winesogn Weekend want you to know the details around this year’s event. They’re going to also have a live auction with “Hot Lots.” Some […]


Cesari Vineyards is celebrating 80 years of crafting Valpolicella’s finest vintages ~ #IAMarone

80 Years of Glorious Wines ~ Cesari Vineyards In 1936, the Cesari family created a winery naming it Cesari Vineyards. Located in Veneto, Italy, the family went on to become very famous Amarone pioneers. That was 80 years ago, and they’re now celebrating their worldwide success. They also created a great publicity program, inviting 80 […]


Charm School Dropouts at Wine Tastings

This is a rerun, people, because it’s still so relevant. I know that not everyone in the business had read this – in fact, probably most people haven’t.  But, everyone I know who pours wine can relate, once they’ve read the following story. I love W. Blake Gray, of the Gray Market Report. When he […]


Having a wine event? You need to get a one day liquor license, and here’s the process

Each year, as I produce a wine event for PS I Love You called Dark & Delicious, I set one day aside for “the process.” The following is a great check list. In fact, I’ll be using this myself, so I don’t forget anything. It seems like I forget at least one thing each year, […]