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Bloggers Getting Legal ~ Wine Bloggers Conference 2017

DISCLAIMER: Wine-Blog is a journal of my PR wine activities and learnings. 1) I occasionally write stories about wine clients, but don’t charge them hours for that time. 2) Wine reviews (and trips) originate from free samples sent by PR people representing the brands. 3) Images are either mostly mine, some are purchased; a few […]


The Pros and Cons of Social Media

Having our own wine PR and marketing company has brought visibility to who Jose and I are; but, it’s having my wine blog and being on Facebook that has stretched and magnetized who I am as a brand.


Why Naming your winery something provocative really matters

[Image by Siegel Photography] Naming your winery something provocative really matters… It has to be done very thoughtfully, in order to have great success. Jose and I just sat with Ron Rubin, who was going to create his own wine brand. Ron is The Republic of Tea’s owner, a brand that he bought in 1994, […]


European Wine Bloggers Conference Announces Its Location for 2012!

From Gabriella Opaz (of via Email about the EWBC: As you may have seen on our Live stream, we are currently in our “not-so-secret….secret-location” announcing the location of the EWBC 2012 conference in Izmir, Turkey. We are extremely excited for the 2012 event, especially considering that our gracious host sponsor, Wines of Turkey, has […]


A Dijon Business School Class Is Creating A Wine Blog Award As a Class Project

How interesting is that going to be for the students! On my end, just being considered for an award is always an honor. This week I was asked to participate in an evaluation process that is going to be very thorough. Once the announcement is made, I’ll support it with a story; for now, I’m […]


My Number One Criticism of Wine Bloggers ~ Beware, This Involves Another Clown

Okay, so I’m on your site. I want to say something to you, and I don’t want it to be in your comments section. How the heck do I – or anyone else for that matter – reach you? Telling me who you are is Number Two, but very closely on the heels of Number […]


From Alentejo with Love: Climate, Soils, and Trellising

The following are questions and answers from Delfim Costa of Enoforum Wines. Delfim and I first met at the first annual Wine Bloggers Conference, when I offered him a ride from the BBQ back to the hotel, as he had just missed the bus. As we talked, I realized that I had had communications with […]


Wine Blogger Conferences ~ It’s a Matter of Taste

I’ve been to both the American Wine Bloggers Conference (Santa Rosa 2008) and the European Wine Bloggers Conference (Lisbon 2009). What I’m about to write is something that’s controversial and now rumbling underground, as people think this through and begin to discuss their opinions. I was just reminded of it as I read Paul Gregutt’s […]


If You Want to Monetize Your Wine Blog, Get a Job in the Wine Business

This has been my assertion, since Day 1. I took this message to the 2009 European Wine Bloggers Conference. I emphatically made this statement in one of the sessions, when it began to be discussed, it didn’t seem to connect with most of the people. “If you want to monetize your wine blog, get a […]


Some Truths Behind the Wine Industry and Social Media

Open Wine Consortium is one of the social networks where I find myself visiting with frequency. One can’t be left behind, once one knows there’s a movement afoot. Open Wine Consortium was the support system behind the Wine Bloggers Conference, and I find myself drawn in, a bit like a moth to a flame. As […]