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To Understand Portuguese Wines, One Must First Understand the People

Having spent 10 days in Portugal, as the guest of my client Enoforum Wines, my world of wine just became greatly expanded. It didn’t begin with the wine, though, it began with the people. In this coming week, I’m going to be exploring what I’ve just learned. It began the moment I was picked up […]


Trip to Portugal: EWBC and Enoforum Wines ~ I’m Flying

Today, I’m flying to Portugal to attend the European Wine Bloggers Conference, and to visit with Enoforum Wines, our host. I’ve not blogged about this going into it, because this is a 10 day journey. I wanted to have anyone who enjoys this blog see the trip through my camera lens, and that’s what it’s […]


Contest: Why I Want to Go To Portugal to Visit Enoforum Wines with Jo Diaz

Image via Wikipedia My New Year’s resolution for 2009: “I’m resolved to learn about Portugal’s history and it’s place within the wine world.” In that resolve, I didn’t – in my wildest dreams – think that I’d be traveling to Portugal as part of the educational process, during the course of this year. I just […]


Exciting Update for Enoforum Wines Contest, Winner May Attend the EWBC

Ryan Opaz of the European Wine Bloggers Conference (EWBC) read about the contest, “Why I Want to Go To Portugal to Visit Enoforum Wines with Jo Diaz,” and commented with the following: odd, they should have you come 2 days earlier so that you can be a part of the Wine Bloggers Conference: would seem […]


Read a Wine Blog? Participate in a Poll as Part of a Doctoral Study

Tracy Rickman is a Consumer Research doctoral candidate at Auburn University (Alabama), and her dissertation pertains to wine blogs as an information source. It’s entitled Wine Blogs as a Viable Information Source: Trust Affect and Post Participant Behavior Tracy doesn’t have any agenda except to add to the theories of media studies. Tracy and I […]


Joel Vincent ~ A Brilliant Star is Shining upon the New Wine World

On this blog, I instituted my first Q & A with wine writers on August 3, 2007. Since that time, I’ve devoted this category to wine writers that we think of (or used to think of) as traditional writers; i.e., wine magazines, articles in newspapers, wine newsletter publishers. I just wrote, “or used to think […]