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F. Paul Pecault ~ Wine Writer #36

F.Paul Pecault is a wine and spirits veteran, who began his career as the PR person for Rodney Strong Vineyards. That’s no stretch for understanding, because if someone is working as a PR agent, it stands to reason that the person is a writer. Most PR people don’t segue from that career into writing about […]


The Importance of Retailers ~ Mine is Traverso’s

In my quest to become a member of The Wine Century Club, I was just reminded of the importance of retailers. They’re the link between the vineyards and the all important point-of-purchase. Retailers play one of the most important roles as wine purchasing influencers in our lives. As Jose and I just looked at Traverso’s […]


Matthew Gavin Frank ~ “Barolo” ~ Wine Writer #35

Matthew Frank is a new writer in my world of wine writers. I could say that it’s his youth, because some of the truth is just that. I could also say that it’s because it’s his leap of faith into doing something, writing about it, and then getting it published, long before he slaved over […]


Uncorked at Ghirardelli Square ~ Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is a wine tasting like no other that I’ve attended in San Francisco, with a very festive “street faire” feeling throughout the entire event. Perhaps that’s because it’s happening in San Francisco’s highly visible Ghirardelli Square, where people come from all around the world. Attendees may not have known about the event prior to, […]


Dear Jo ~ A Lot of Really Good Questions

I get a lot of really good questions behind the scenes through Emails. It sometimes makes me feel like the Dear Abby of Wine, which I find very endearing. People either trust my opinion, or are curious about what I’m going to have for an answer. I’m sharing the diversity, because you might find this […]


Here Come The 2008s ~ Have Your Alka-Seltzer Handy for the Yuck and Suck Factor

The belch heard round the world just happened in my office. A sample wine arrived, and fortunately I had already tasted a wine from the 2008 vintage with smoke taint, so knew what was wrong. Unfortunately, whatever this wine brand is using to try to slip this California wine by us all, made my co-taster […]


Good, Better, Best Wines by Carolyn Evans Hammond

It’s so perfect. Miss Dumas, my sophomore English teacher delivered this, the first day of school in her class. It was her introduction for what she expected from us… Good, better, best, Never let it rest, Until the good is better, And the better is best… Receiving the book Good, Better, Best Wines for review […]


Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Toast of The Town Venues for 2010

Toast of the Town is an annual wine and food event, produced by Wine Enthusiast Magazine that I eagerly look forward to each year. It’s just so classy! Here’s the lineup for 2010: Thursday, April 8, 2010 at the Atlanta Georgia Aquarium Thursday, April 22, 2010 at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House Thursday, […]


Winners: Corked ~ a Father, a Daughter, and a Give-Away

This morning, I had my nimble assistant Ms. Chloe pull the names from my Winner’s Hat. Chloe’s my five year old grand daughter, with more energy than a Richard Scarry character from Busy Town, so pulling six names was an exercise in “Nope, only one, let’s try that again.” But we got it done. And […]


Corked ~ a Father, a Daughter, and a Give-Away

THE BOOK This is touted as the wine trip to end all wine trips. Hopefully not for the author and her father, Kathryn Borel and Phillipe Borel, I must add, because I believe they deserve one more go around with less baggage. From her first words to her last, I couldn’t put the book down. […]