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Is wine best paired with food, or is it meant to be enjoyed alone (i.e., without food)?

I think of wine as a liquid food, and I prefer a wine with a lower alcohol level, because the foods I choose to eat are more delicate in nature. For instance, I’d rather have pork tenderloin in a plum reduction sauce. A delicate 13 to 13.5 percent Pinot Noir would pair really well with […]


J Vineyards & Winery Offers Indulgent Adventures in Wine & Food Pairing

Tasting wine and food at J Vineyards & Winery is a culinary, wine pairing adventure in luxurious flavors.  Their food & wine menu is delicately exquisite. J’s been at the forefront of the wine and food experience, since their first tasting program launched in 1999. All of their recipes have been created by in-house Executive […]


Deborah Parker Wong, AIWS ~ Wine Writer #42

Deborah Parker Wong recently told me, “Your blog is a great resource!” I’m glad she noticed… Having this blog be a resource is my second reason for keeping it up. My first has always been to journal my process as a wine publicist, as I’ve said many times here. What I find interesting about the […]


MaryAnn Worobiec of Wine Spectator ~ Wine Writer

MaryAnn Worobiec of Wine Spectator has been a colleague that I’ve admired and respected since she took her place at the Spectator. I appreciate that she brings a female voice and perspective to this wine magazine’s list of talented writers. She’s also just a lovely woman, and I also appreciate her candor, fairness, and great style […]


Tom Wark ~ Renaissance Man ~ Publicist | Wine Blogger | Journalist ~ Wine Writer #30

Weekly Holidaze Drawing: Just leave a comment on any wine-blog entry this month, to win weekly gifts this December: Reading Tom Walk’s blog entry about it being five years for him as a wine blogger, it occurred to me that I’ve watched him morph into so much more than a wine publicist. Even though my […]


Wine Writer Veteran Alan Goldfarb, Wine Writer

Alan Goldfarb is a seasoned veteran, who’s been writing about wine, while living and working in Napa Valley. As a journalist, he takes his career very seriously; and so he should, as he’s a very thoughtful guy producing stories of truthfulness. He doesn’t gloss things over. Alan’s investigative, telling it like it is. He’s a […]