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Added Value Retailer ~ Food & Wine Pairings

I’m all about food and wine, because that’s mostly how I view enjoying it. That said, there’s nothing like a glass at the end of the day as I prepare food to go with my wine, either. I’m a strong believer in a glass a day keeps the doctor away, especially if you don’t have […]


Paul Mabray on the greatest inhibitor of success for wine online and VinTank solutions

When I wrote Finding Myself in The Right Lane, About Two Years Later As I Look Back ~ Not Much Has Changed, I wrote it just before leaving for Puerto Rico for nine days. In Puerto Rico, I’m definitely on island time – my favorite time of all. While I was checking my Emails each […]


Everyone Needs a Great Web Programmer for His or Her Wine Store

Great Web programmers are important if you have E-commerce on your Website. I was just asked if Jose [Diaz] knows ZenCart as a program for a winery’s online store. My new member to the Oregon Pinot Gris marketing group, Susanne of Christoper Bridge Cellars & Satori Springs Estate was telling me about an experience she had […]


How Economic Downturn Has an Upswing For Some

Having to reinvent is one of the hardest things anyone has to do… I did it from radio PR to wine PR, and the story is filled with lots of pain, hard work, and laughter along the way. Yes, Virginia, there is a real… way to get into the wine business… This story begins with […]


How do you feel about being aggregated? I know how I do…

I just got another Dear Jo Email that touched on a wine blogging subject. Here’s the question: Hi Jo, I need to know what you know about a European website I have found all my post and many other wine blog posts copied and posted on this site. I am listed as a contributor […]


Lenny Siegel Photographer in Sonoma County

There are so many aspects of the wine business to enjoy: Growing Producing Sales Marketing PR Writing Educating Social Media The list seems to go on, if just I sit here and conjure up more aspects. I personally prefer the creative end of writing and photographing. I keep out of the vineyards and the labs, […]


Top 100 Wine Blogs in a Google Search: Reveals about 40,400,000 entries for wine blog

I just searched Google for the term “wine blog.” The search revealed that there are now 40,000,000 entries that qualify under “wine blog.” Some of them, of course, are duplicates, but still… this number is astounding. It’s no accident that is on that first page. When it came time for me to pick a […]


Holiday Gifts, Week Three Winner Chosen by the Luck of the Draw

And, the winner this week is… Risqué Sommelier of Risqué Sommelier. All names were placed in my hat (ice bucket), and drawn at random. Congratulations, Risqué. I’m sure that this little Riedel decanter is going to be a fabulous addition to your tasting experiences. It’s compliments of PS I Love You (the advocacy group for Petite Sirah) […]