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Mastering our Fragmented Marketing/PR Media Mosaic

Life used to be so simple… Really it was just so simple. You wrote a letter or made a call. [I suppose the telephone was a bit of an inconvenience, when it was first released to the public.] Along came Email, and that certainly turned the routine around. [Imagine a work day without any access?] […]


Read a Wine Blog? Participate in a Poll as Part of a Doctoral Study

Tracy Rickman is a Consumer Research doctoral candidate at Auburn University (Alabama), and her dissertation pertains to wine blogs as an information source. It’s entitled Wine Blogs as a Viable Information Source: Trust Affect and Post Participant Behavior Tracy doesn’t have any agenda except to add to the theories of media studies. Tracy and I […]


American Squirrel Awards – Wine-Blog is a Winner

American Squirrel Awards… Just as I was contemplating that we need another wine blog awards system, that would be something equivalent to a “Festivus” (Frank Costanza, George’s father on Seinfeld who created a “Festivus,” a Festival for the Rest of Us), along came the American Squirrel Awards. The reason this was spinning through my head […]