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Top 10 Reasons I Blog

I don’t write this blog for other bloggers. I know they’re not my audience; although, for many, that’s their joie de vivre and that’s just fine. There’s a camaraderie among wine bloggers, and once a year they gather to enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes I wish I could join them; but, the reality is that […]


Vinous sisterhood of sensibilities ~ An inside view of how wine women think and write about wine and more

When in high school, I wasn’t one of the sorority girls. I roamed the hallways of Lewiston High School during lunch time to drop into any number of groups, listen to what they were saying, voice an opinion. and then move on. I wasn’t a joiner back then. Women were discussing women’s issues, I was […]


Degeneration of the wine blogosphere ~ weeding out the riff raff ~ a parable

Wine, the civilizing beverage…. I just read a story, written my friend Steve Heimoff. It’s entitled, When wine writers lose it. It’s a brilliant title, because it’s a double entendre. It had me running to my own blog site to make sure I’ve not exchanged links with the person he’s written about. Thankfully we haven’t, […]


In the middle of the “Social” and “Traditional” media seesaw

My view from being in the middle as a marketer… I’m in the middle of this “Social Media” and “Traditional Media” seesaw. I was there when traditional media didn’t even have the “traditional” adjective in front of it. I did know (during those early times in my PR career) that media had reached ivory tower […]


VIDEO WINEMAKER SERIES ~ David Coffaro: Wines and The First Wine Blogger

Appealing to my inner hippie…. David Coffaro, owner and winemaker for David Coffaro Wines, discusses with Jose Diaz his wines, his diary, and his weather station. Many people don’t realize that before Web 2.0 launched, which allowed us all to become interactive with the Web, David Coffaro was writing a Web Log… Later, with the […]


VIDEO WINEMAKER SERIES ~ Viszlay Vineyard in the Vines with John Viszlay and Jose Diaz

Being in the vineyards with a winemaker who loves what he’s doing is always such a pleasure. I’ve got a green thumb and love helping things to grow organically. Sharing that passion with someone else who loves to be part of a “growing things” process is so rewarding. That’s not my only relationship to John […]


An Impatient Publicist©

“An Impatient Publicist” will be the name of my book, when it’s published, because I am she. I’ll have my soap opera Cheesecake in the Vines buried in there somewhere, because it’s too good of a story to be left unwritten, and I’d like to develop these characters of intrigue. I didn’t write about the […]


Social Media Has Created “Social PR” ~ or ~ How to succeed in today’s cluttered world of “incoming” wine press releases

I just found an excellent marketer, in the midst of the myriad of  messages that come my way, including on weekends, while I’m also working at my computer… This is now happening on a daily basis, and it’s been happening long enough now to state it as a trend, rather than a flash in the […]


Thought for the day: Finding A Heart Will Lead Me To Revealing A Soul, If I Write About Someone

Welcome to a day in the life of my wine publicist’s journal… ====================== So… My friend Honey Airborne (as in the 82nd Airborne Division) told me that Mr. Opportunity would be knocking again soon, when I wrote my blog story Mr. Opportunity. I wondered about it, and got on with my life… Too busy to […]


When the Internet Actually Works

I just love when it all comes together. Honestly, for the most part, I rag and rag about how Petite Sirah is always misspelled (using the “y” instead of the ‘i”); and, how it’s closely related to Syrah, instead of the distant cousin that pops up a lot; and how it’s not yet a synonym, […]