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Marvin Shanken knows how and why to throw a party

After each event, when those in attendance begin to wax poetic in the afterglow, those who didn’t attend ask, “How do I get onto that list?”


Beyond the Doobies And ReWineDing Their Rock Careers

Living and loving my way through the Summer of Love, the 70s, and the 80s has provided more than a few great stories; but, the one that connected me to FM radio and finding myself just about living backstage with the rockers is by far the most relevant. It all began with my repeating a […]


Candyman 187 and 2009 Joseph Drouhin Brouilly for my weekend adventures

Having been in the rock n’roll business, I still love the life of music, the artists, the dances, and the lifestyle. With that in mind, this morning, I was queried and asked if I could get this story onto my blog ASAP. I don’t usually do this so quickly, but we’re headed into the weekend, […]


The Kids I Love Are Now Teaching Me the Games ~ VinTank

I just love it. When my kids were growing up, I was a super mom… All three had music lessons All three had dancing lessons, with my oldest being driven about 70 miles to her ballet lessons at the Portland Ballet Dance Company Two of them had art lessons, while the third one needed transportation […]


Memories on Memorial Day: Rockers I’ve held within my lens

Spending my  Memorial Day thinking about some of my own favorite memories… 38 Special people won going back stage to meet 38 Special from WBLM. I was number 39… I just loved it. Going backstage with people who had won, “Back Stage Pass”  ~ From the Rockers, it was always that, “Gutta do” moment that’s […]