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Congratulations, Paul Draper, on your retirement

My hat’s off to you, sir, as I join the legion of others who celebrate all of your contributions. You not only enriched the PS I Love You agenda, but you have enriched my life, too. I asked, you helped. What more could anyone ask of another and be so rewarded for years to follow?


Top 10 intriguing things about Turkey and its wines

Turkey and its wines Right now, Turkey is focused on bridging the gaps between one of the oldest grape growing and wine making regions in the world, by educating the new world about what Turkey has to offer. It has an 11,000 year history of winemaking. There are more than 800 indigenous grape varieties in […]


Top 10 intriguing things about Argentina and its wines

Argentina and its wines Argentina is the world’s fifth largest producer of wine. Eighty percent of Argentina’s wine comes from Mendoza, South America’s largest wine producing region. (Yesterday, I wrote about the Grove Street Malbec. This is where the wine got its origin.) Spanish missionaries planted the first Vitis vinifera wine grapes in Argentina around […]


The Butcher, the Baker, and the Local Winemaker ~ Lost in Time

Once upon a time, ages ago, like in the early 1900s, villages in France had their own winemakers. In the southwest region of France, in the Bay of Arcachon, there was (and still is) a small community called “Arcachon.” This commune in the Gironde department, was about 40 miles southwest from the heart of Bordeaux. […]


Was the first economic enterprise winemaking rather than prostitution?

Here’s what I’m thinking… if the oldest profession was supposedly prostitution, what was it that the cave man gave his female companion? He didn’t have money. He may have had a piece of meat, but heck… anyone in those days could ring the neck of a chicken, if need be. (Sorry, chickens of the world.) […]