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The Microcosm of Maremma is Where Red Tuscan Land Meets the Sea ~ Part II

A quick recap from Part I, regarding this region’s location: Capalbio is a commune, from the Province of Grosseto, in the Tuscany region of Italy… WHERE: Tuscany Bordered by Tyrrhenian Sea, on its West Side From Discover Tuscany, “Maremma [as a microclimate] is unique because of the variety of its territory: blue sea, long beaches, […]

When 2 Hawks Arrived ~ 2Hawk Vineyard & Winery Exposed Its Depth and Breadth

BOTH SKY PHOTOS: ACVEDUC ~ Top of page, from original source. Bottom one is original source. Titled:  “Two couples of hawks in the summer cloudy sky” A whirling gust blew in, when I opened the screen door… The wings over Oregon had arrived. And beautiful they were. The riches they brought with them would set a standard, […]


Wine of the Week ~ 2016 Côtes du Rhône Samorëns Blanc

As we finish our summer in July, August, and early September, here is a spalshingly refreshing, white wine for those lingering pool parties and trips to the beaches… Right out of the gate, let me say this 2016 Ferraton Père & Fils Côtes du Rhône Samorëns Blanc just knocked me out with its gorgeous flavors. […]


Three Top White Wines for the Weekend and Beyond from Wilfred Wong

When I first started tasting wines in the 1970’s, one of my favorites was the Charles Krug Chenin Blanc. Now way defunct, that wine at its best was simply pretty as can be. Fresh and full of fruit, this was one of my first introductions to the world of fine wines.


Oh, la Joie, les Iron Horse bulles sont arrivés

Oh, la Joie, les Iron Horse bulles sont arrivés… a throw-back to growing up with French “Bernier” grandparents (rhymes with “Viognier”). Translated: “Oh, Joy, the bubbles have arrived.” Each year, as we head into the last quarter of the year, Joy Sterling of Iron Horse Vineyards sends a big box of her newly released bubbles […]


Jim Pratt Cornerstone Certified Vineyard is the wine grape grower of the stars in Green and Russian River valleys

Jim Pratt’s (Cornerstone Certified Vineyards) been working as a wine grape grower of the stars for nearly 30 years, which also includes being a veteran of the grapevine nursery business. In 1995, Jim Pratt bought what he would later call the “Pratt Vineyard,” after a career working with Rich Kunde at Sonoma Grapevines (a Santa […]


Who’s more responsible for higher alochol wines: Mother Nature, Wine Critics, or Winemakers?

Mother Nature Argument Anyone who doesn’t believe in global warming yet surely has his or her head buried in the sand. Blame it on the natural way of the world and/or human intervention… it’s happening. I saw a comparative image this past week, and I thought, “Well, I wonder if my cousin will still say […]


What if restaurants listed the alcohol percentage of the wine on their wine lists?

I know, I know… this opens up a can of worms. That said, I just had a glass of wine in Napa Valley at Rutherford Grill last week, and it was so hot it nearly burned my throat. It was a Viognier; it lacked all varietal character, and I thought to myself, “This wine is […]


Wines of the Week ~ Best of the Best

West Cape Howe wine company delivered four wines to my office. I thought to myself, this is going to be an interesting week. I’ll be opening one bottle a day, and by Friday I’ll be able to post my findings. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men went astray in this office. I […]


If You Were a Wine, Which One Would You be?

Image by lyzadanger via Flickr I have to even think about that one, but I’d say a Pinot Noir/Burgundy. My mother’s maiden name was Bernier, rhymes with Viognier, so it has to be a French representation. I lived on the east coast for most of my life, so I know I’ll never be a true […]