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A list of Portuguese wine grapes, I need your help!

It’s said that there are possibly over 500 Portuguese wine grape varieties. So, I set out to find them.


Opportunity only knocks once and I didn’t answer the door

Kicking myself all over the place… We all know that “Opportunity only knocks once,” and I didn’t answer the door… I’m still asking myself, “Are you kidding me?” BACK STORY: I had just booked a flight to North Carolina to visit my daughter and her lovely family. Then, I got the call. “We want you […]


Celebrating Earth Day (April 22) by focusing on a very green wine writer ~ Paul Gregutt

It’s not easy being green, as “Kermie” likes to sing; but then, all good things take more thought, understanding, and commitment. And by a very green wine writer, I don’t mean “green” by experience; I mean green by social consciousness. Earth Day is this Sunday, and I thought that I’d not focus on green wines […]


Portuguese Cultivars, The Quintessential List (Part 3)

As of June 19, 2010, this is the most comprehensive list to date.* Portuguese White Grape Varieties (Name ~ DOC Region) [A] Alicante Branco Algarve ~ Bucelas, Carcavelos Almafra Almenhaca Alvadurão Alvar Alvaraca ~ Douro Alvarelhão Branco Alvarinho ~ Monção, used for Vinho Verde (syn.. Cainho Branco) Antoã Vaz ~ Alentejo, Douro, Vidigueira Arinto ~ […]


You won’t believe how many more Portuguese grape varieties I’ve found! (Part 2)

Image via Wikipedia First of all, I can’t believe how many of you were interested in the original blog posting about how many grape varieties there are in Portugal. Secondly, the re-tweeting of this one was immense. I’m totally surprised by the interest beyond my own. (Thanks!) Now, Part 2… The bottom line is that […]


Portugal has more indigenous grape varieties than any other country in the world (Part 1)

That’s a pretty big statement, but I’m finding that it’s true; and, it’s almost become some sort of OCD project with me… “Portugal has more indigenous grape varieties than any other country in the world.” “Surely I can find them all,” I thought. “Okay, I’ll take it on.” First learning about Portuguese wines from Enoforum, […]