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Variety versus Varietal

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Variety versus varietal University of California at Davis, if you care about precious credential: Variety is a noun. Varietal is an adjective. Example, I love the varietal characteristic of this variety. It’s that simple.  


Going down in history as a Variety versus Varietal old fart

Yup… I’m going down in history as a Variety versus Varietal old fart, and I don’t care. I first wrote about his on May 11, 2007. Then, I brought it up again on March 11, 2011. My most recent post for this one was on July 3, 2012. Now, it’s July 2014, and it’s circled […]


You say pot-A-to, I say poe-tah-toe… You say varietal, I say variety…

I’m a stickler for using the right word. Someone once said to me, “‘It is I?’ …. Isn’t it, ‘It’s me?’” No… sorry, you missed school the day that one was explained. “Is” is a copulative verb (the verb “to be”), and takes a subjective pronoun after any use of the verb “to be.” It […]


Dear Jo ~ A Lot of Really Good Questions

I get a lot of really good questions behind the scenes through Emails. It sometimes makes me feel like the Dear Abby of Wine, which I find very endearing. People either trust my opinion, or are curious about what I’m going to have for an answer. I’m sharing the diversity, because you might find this […]