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What to wear in wine country

It’s all about wine. It’s the country. It’s very casual around here.


Give T-Shirts a Chance ~ Wear Your Wine

I once read a quote from Sandra Day O’Connor that went something like this: “In order to understand the complexity of a problem, you have to have started at the bottom.” I’m paraphrasing, but not by much. I needed this quote, as I was forced to start my PR career all over again, after 11 […]


Dress Code: Wine Country Casual ~ Welcome Back, Tourists

What to wear, what to wear… Calm down… I’m a Yankee, with really deep Yankee roots. My maiden name is “Clarke.” Grandmother Gertrude Haines Clarke was the daughter of the late Governor William T. Haines of Waterville, Maine, my great grandfather… Great grandmother Patience Blackstone Clarke was the granddaughter of the Reverend William Blackstone, who […]


Giving a Shout Out to Wine Industry Philanthropy

[In the spirit of giving, this wonderful image didn’t cost me anything. When I need an image, and I’ve not be able to take it myself, I turn to professionals. I prefer to buy those images, rather than copying and pasting from the Internet. I don’t unwittingly want to steal someone else’s intellectual property, as […]