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Going down in history as a Variety versus Varietal old fart

Yup… I’m going down in history as a Variety versus Varietal old fart, and I don’t care. I first wrote about his on May 11, 2007. Then, I brought it up again on March 11, 2011. My most recent post for this one was on July 3, 2012. Now, it’s July 2014, and it’s circled […]


Calling all wine marketing geeks ~ UC Davis Wine Executive Program

This definitely falls into the category of, “We’re so lucky to live out here with these kinds of resources.”


Turning up the sizzle on an already hot commodity ~ Petite Sirah Symposium

The Petite Sirah Symposium, about to go into its eleventh incarnation, has been a sellout every single year of its existence. The mother lode of single variety symposiums, people have gathered in the past to discuss a single variety known as Petite Sirah; but those events have never been formal or continuous, nor have they […]


Steve Heimoff and Paul Mabray in the same room, and we all got out alive

THE PLACE: UC Davis Extension Program THE PROGRAM: PR and Social Media for Small Wineries THE CHARACTERS: Rusty Eddy (Program’s Educator/Director), Paul Mabray (Social Media), Steve Heimoff (Traditional Media), Jose Diaz (Media Marketing), and me for PR THE SCENE: The room was still… You could have heard a pin drop… I had delivered Unique perspective as […]


What are the Currrent Issues In Vineyard Health + Head’s up if you’re into viticulturist, U.C. Davis has a course for you

As part of a wine sales and marketing degree program at Santa Rosa Junior College, I took a viticulture class. I love the earth, and have been organic gardening since I left home in the 1960s. I’ve had a whole chapter of successfully propagating African violets, and I’ve continued to have organic vegetable gardens… I’m connected […]


UC Davis: Taste will tell the tale on wine bottle closures, or will it?

I got this Email press release, and I’m not going to try to reinvent the wheel here. It’s going to be below my own personal intro… I’m always fascinated by the subjects of universities’ studies, regarding what’s happening in the world (in this case, the world of wine) worth fully investigating. Can we tell the […]


Old World Winemaking ~ Take a Tour with David Mounts on his micro crushpad

[Today is the second of five days to register for holiday gifts from Wine-blog. Simply leave your name in the comments for a chance to win. Rules.] Mounts Family Winery is one of those micro wineries in Dry Creek Valley, borne from third generation wine grape grower David Mounts. Both his father (Richard Mounts) and […]


A benefit to being a member of any advoacy group ~ We make you look good

The following contains so many mistakes about Petite Sirah that it made my head spin. I’m going to list them, and then I’m going to edit them; because, as I’ve said more than once, to have misinformation on the Internet about Petite Sirah, the most confusing grape of all time, does it a grave injustice. […]


Patty Bogle Passes Away ~ The Wine Industry Has Lost A Quiet Leader

Yesterday I learned through a news alert from Wine Business that my friend and colleague Patty Bogle has passed away. Patty was the matriarch of Bogle Vineyards in Clarksburg, and she passed away this past Friday, February 11, 2011. This past Friday, as I was packing up Petite Sirahs for our Dark & Delicious event […]


Fast Forward Your Wine Knowledge ~ Take Some Courses at UCD and Beyond

Fast forwarding your wine knowledge is always so rewarding. When I landed in wine country, I realized that I knew practically nothing about wine, and yet I wanted into this business. I quickly realized that Santa Rosa Junior College is one of the finest junior colleges in our nation, and I could greatly enhance my […]