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Vit 101 ~ 9 ~ Veraison

WARNING: If you’re in the wine business, this is only VIT 101. This blog story has been created for people just learning about vineyards. Please judge accordingly. Vit 101 ~ 9 ~ Veraison VIT 101: On June 20, our cluster had absolutely no red pigment coming  into the grapes. Slowly, but surely, the color is […]


Calaveras County Cowboys Making Wine & Jumping Frogs

Have you ever wondered what “Calaveras” means, as in Calaveras County? Well, I did a few years ago, so I got to the bottom of it. It all started as I was traveling to Calaveras County to work. The company I was working for was in the tiny, throwback-in-time town of Murphys, which was made […]


From a Dim Light to a Highlight, Petite Sirah is Shining Brightly

From the Web site, the headline reads: Price Is No Judge in a Wine Competition The author is Robert Whitley, a syndicated writer and wine competition organizer. Robert brings the best and brightest talent to his competitions, so that judgment is very exacting and credible. He writes: As usual, the annual Critics Challenge International […]