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Having a Good Reason For Changing a Name, and Thomas George Winery Did

According to Jeremy, “Thomas George Estates is the manifestation of the passion and commitment of the Baker Family to continue the tradition of growing great grapes and making great wines in the unique and magnificent Russian River Valley.”


The Culture of Spitting ~ I’m From the School of Jackson Pollack Versus Pablo Picasso

My copy of Vineyard & Winery Management just arrived. Editor Tina Caputo wrote on Facebook that it’s her favorite cover ever. I can see why. Chad Johnson (left) and Cory Baunel (right) of Walla Walla’s Dusted Valley Vintners are having a good spit. Kevin Masterman took the shot… straight into the wind. As I looked […]


You’d Better Have a Good Reason For Changing a Name, and Jeremy Baker Did

This is what I was told in my wine sales and marketing class that I took ages ago. We were handed this assignment: SCENARIO: You’ve just bought an existing winery. Do all of the following. Then, be prepared to present your marketing plan for this winery to us, the two professors who taught the class […]