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Favorite Memories ~ Over a Glass of Wine With You

James Brown and Studio 54 It was what it was, and I had no idea what Studio 54 was at the time. Nor did I know about the joy for so many others of being put on the short list of who gets in. While in rock and roll radio, I was on everyone’s list, […]


Ridge’s Winemaking Philosophy with David Gates

Minimal Intervention ~ Maximum Attention, … That’s a Paul Draper quote, by the way. Even though “Minimal Intervention ~ Maximum Attention” flowed easily from V.P. Of Vineyard Operations David Gates in conversation, he was quick to tell me, when I said that’s a great title, that those words belong to Paul Draper. (Off to an […]


Social Media in the Wine Business

Image via CrunchBase Okay, I’ve just realized I’m totally addicted. I’ve just gone through a period of winery clients contracting – great economy, huh? And while that was happening, it gave me the time I needed (away from writing their stories) to go swimming on the deep end of the social media pool. As I […]