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It’s National Tequila Day! ¡Ole!

One of the joys in my life, for the past year, has been the introduction of tequila into my repertoire. Before working with Tequila Semental, I only knew about tequila as a spirit ingredient in my margaritas. I never saw it as a sipping beverage, and I never believed that I was a “let’s do […]


Tequila, Where Does That Name Come From? And Other Fun Tequila Facts

I’m now working with Tequila Semental, an ultra premium tequila brand from Mexico. This is a new learning curve for me, which is a fascinating ride. I’m definitely at the Tequila 101 level. I’m gathering all the basic facts, so I have a good foundation of learning. Tequila is a spirit with lots of spirit; […]