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Chilean Wine Lineup ~ Viñedos Emiliana Coyam

[PHOTO: Jo Diaz, all rights reserved] Intro – Chilean Wines that Collectively Underline Chile’s Historic Commitments. Chilean Wine Lineup ~ Viña Maquis Gran Reserva Chilean Wine Lineup ~ Viña Koyle Family Vineyards Chilean Wine Lineup ~ Viña Tarapacá Chilean Wine Lineup ~ Viñedos Emiliana Coyam   Sustainability Efforts ~ Wines of Chile Sustainable 365 The […]

When 2 Hawks Arrived ~ 2Hawk Vineyard & Winery Exposed Its Depth and Breadth

BOTH SKY PHOTOS: ACVEDUC ~ Top of page, from original source. Bottom one is original source. Titled:  “Two couples of hawks in the summer cloudy sky” A whirling gust blew in, when I opened the screen door… The wings over Oregon had arrived. And beautiful they were. The riches they brought with them would set a standard, […]


Amelasio Tempranillo es una seductora

Amelasio Tempranillo es una seductora (a seductress): an enchantress, femme fatale, temptress, siren all describe this wine… With its deliciously ample and full bodied flavors, this wine was a just delightful one to enjoy. Brought to us (imported) by Vinos & Bodegas of Ciudad Real, Spain, the 2010 Amelasio Tempranillo’s color is cherry red with tinges […]


Wines From Around The Globe ~ Recently Enjoyed

See these great wines that our customers love. One of the greatest joys of my gig as a wine blogger is to occasionally have wine show up on my doorstep. It doesn’t happen all the time, because I’m so non-traditional as bloggers go… I don’t consistently do anything, because that’s my nature. I’m a mutable […]


Why I Love The Wine Century Club, Bodega Riojanas, Mazuelo et al

I got my Wine Century Certificate last year, after I had tasted 100 different varieties. It’s not as easy as it sounds, to have tried 100 different grapes. I hit the wall at about 60 different cultivars. Then, I attended an importer tasting in San Francisco, and that put me well over the 100 variety […]


Why do imports seem to cost less than domestic wines? Answer is quite simple.

Because they do cost less. And below is the reason… Each day I analyze who is clicking onto my blog, from aggregated sources. I found my story about Marlene Rossman, an extraordinary wine writing talent, at I noticed at the bottom of the story that there was a comment. I also knew, given the […]


Best Wine Books of 2010 ~ For your Holiday Shopping Needs ~ Day 2

This past year, I’ve received a good amount of wine book for my reading pleasure, and also for reviewing. I may have come across something for almost everyone for this holiday season. Continuing from yesterday’s Day 1: Home Winemakers Bible Home Winemaking For Dummies ($19.99), by Tim Patterson ~ Tim Patterson is not only an […]


Navarra, a Spanish Soujourn with New and Intriguing Flavors

Comments this week will be placed in a drawing for a $75.00 gift certificate from True Fabrications. (Just your name will qualify you.) Drawing on Saturday. Kingdom Navarra ~ Spain… Off on a new adventure to the Denominacion de Oregen… Northeastern Spain; or, an Iberian wine. The region of Navarra has interestingly diverse terroir, comprised […]