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Cruvee’s done it again, and wins the 2010 Diaz Communications Innovator of the Year Award

The 2009 Diaz Communications Innovator of the Year Award went to Paul Mabray of VinTank, for revolutionizing the way wine purchases can be made; i.e., over the Internet. Remember the days of faxing in orders? Now, Cruvee has just upped the ante with its Application for sales within the realm of social media, by launching […]


How do you feel about being aggregated? I know how I do…

I just got another Dear Jo Email that touched on a wine blogging subject. Here’s the question: Hi Jo, I need to know what you know about a European website I have found all my post and many other wine blog posts copied and posted on this site. I am listed as a contributor […]


Paul Mabray, Wine Innovator of the Year from Diaz Communications

What started out as something whimsical turned into a much deeper story for me. Recognition begins with a first step up the ladder, leading to a point when one’s on a pinnacle, and his or her star is finally brilliantly shining. It’s a journey, not a process. I recently met Paul Mabray in his VinTank […]


Life is Pay to Play ~ And if you think it isn’t, think again

Hearing a whole lotta whoopla from an old guard about a new guard, now all sharing the same wine industry… meaning the revenue stream… The concept of the Internet being “free” for the constant taking is becoming less of a myth… as the rumblings of a paradigm shift are underway. I don’t think I’ve ever […]


Modern Developments: Then | Clipping Services ~ Now | Social Media Monitoring

For years and years I was able to monitor my PR efforts and successes through what I can now call “traditional” clipping services. If anything was written about any one of the brands that I was promoting, my clipping service was vigilant for those names and delivered the goods. From that we were able to […]


Social Media in the Wine Business

Image via CrunchBase Okay, I’ve just realized I’m totally addicted. I’ve just gone through a period of winery clients contracting – great economy, huh? And while that was happening, it gave me the time I needed (away from writing their stories) to go swimming on the deep end of the social media pool. As I […]


Some Truths Behind the Wine Industry and Social Media

Open Wine Consortium is one of the social networks where I find myself visiting with frequency. One can’t be left behind, once one knows there’s a movement afoot. Open Wine Consortium was the support system behind the Wine Bloggers Conference, and I find myself drawn in, a bit like a moth to a flame. As […]