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Speed Tasting, What’s Your Opinion?

Okay, I’m from the Charm School generation. Seriously, my mother sent me to school to learn how to set a table, walk with a book on my head, and know how to wear gloves. (I’m might have flunked it… I’m not quite sure.) Regardless, I did pick up a few things along the way. I […]


Besides wine, what Gary Vee has brought to the table ~ The Thank You Economy

I finished this book a while ago, The Thank You Economy. Then my life got really busy; beyond the normal working for clients, taking care of a home, and enjoying my hobby (wine blogging): Two new grandchildren were born within three months of each other, and within a half hour of us To our two […]


Wining and Dining the Millennials

If I had the job of designing wine lists in a restaurant, I’d create one that would be double sided… One side would continue to be strategically tailored to Baby Boomers, since their spending habits are still at the top of the spending curve. The traditional wine list would reign, because this is what boomers […]