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Bordeaux ~ Getting to the Bottom of Left and Right Bank Soils ~ partie six

Continuing from last week’s Bordeaux ~ You Can Bank On It ~ partie six… This Earth Snapshot image is located on this Website: Sediments in the Gironde Estuary, France, and is of The Gironde Estuary, formed by the confluence of the Garonne and Dordogne rivers. I left soil for last, because its a serious, geological […]


A Really Reluctant Blog Posting about R.A. Harrison Family Cellars

[Image of Nobility was borrowed from the R.A. Harrison Family Cellars Website.] Why am I reluctant? Not because there’s anything wrong with Roger Harrison’s effort as a winemaker; but, rather, because there’s everything right about it… To write his story would mean that I’d have to open his bottle of nectar; and, I’m not one […]


Wine Writer Veteran Alan Goldfarb, Wine Writer

Alan Goldfarb is a seasoned veteran, who’s been writing about wine, while living and working in Napa Valley. As a journalist, he takes his career very seriously; and so he should, as he’s a very thoughtful guy producing stories of truthfulness. He doesn’t gloss things over. Alan’s investigative, telling it like it is. He’s a […]