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First Amendment Rights and Libel Collide on the Super Highway

This blog story isn’t an easy one to write, on a lot of levels; but, it’s still very important. I’ve even been going back and forth about whether or not to let it go and not upload it; but, I’m going forward with it, because of its importance. When I was about seven or eight […]


Wine Blogger Conferences ~ It’s a Matter of Taste

I’ve been to both the American Wine Bloggers Conference (Santa Rosa 2008) and the European Wine Bloggers Conference (Lisbon 2009). What I’m about to write is something that’s controversial and now rumbling underground, as people think this through and begin to discuss their opinions. I was just reminded of it as I read Paul Gregutt’s […]


How do I feel about illegal aliens… I feel a lot and have a really simple solution.

First of all, this is coming from a white woman who was born in Maine, and still has deep Yankee roots… I’m so white that I can go out on Halloween without a sheet and be taken for wearing a ghost costume, so don’t let the name “Diaz” fool you. I picked that up when […]


The Importance of Retailers ~ Mine is Traverso’s

In my quest to become a member of The Wine Century Club, I was just reminded of the importance of retailers. They’re the link between the vineyards and the all important point-of-purchase. Retailers play one of the most important roles as wine purchasing influencers in our lives. As Jose and I just looked at Traverso’s […]


Birdie Ballet ~ An Autumnal Phenomena

I know it’s not autumn, but I can’t even begin to tell you how long I’ve waited to write about Birdie Ballet, this wine grape harvest phenomena. My really great friend Ronda Boyd came up with this name. I’d like to take credit; but… alas… I can’t. Credit goes to RB. We experienced this during […]


All This For Only $60?

Sorry this is so self serving, but I have to plug my non-profit. It can’t survive without the support of the wine industry or consumers. This is our one annual consumer event for PSILY, which keeps PSILY alive and marketing. Thanks to our sponsor support: National Pork Board (Oh, yeah, there will be a good amount […]


Wine and Cheese ~ Perfect Pairings at Charles Creek Vineyard

After an entertaining and informative class at Charles Creek Vineyard with Bill and Gerry Brinton, and Laura Matrinez of The Artisan Palate, those of us who attended have a much better understanding and appreciation of cheese. In an earlier blog, I discussed what we had all learned about cheese that perhaps we barely, or perhaps […]


Wine Tasting: The Progression of One’s Palate

Interesting read from Jeff Miller of Artisan Family of Wines blog: Wine Flaws Who among us is willing to admit that it was White Zinfandel that originally rocked our world? I am. I admit it. White Zin switched on my light bulb. It was on a trip to California, as a native of Maine on […]


The Economics of Importing: Regency Wine Group Sees a Bright Future

Two favorite links for this week: Winemaker Jeff Miller: Will This Wine Age? Winewriter Nikitas Magel: Grapes & Gastronomy Regency Wine Group While wanting to learn and write about wine importers, in order to better understand this side of the wine business, I expected to hear about how bad things are out there in light […]