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I love blogging on Saturdays

I love wine blogging on Saturdays. Writing isn’t frantic, because the phone’s not ringing. The home office is quiet… period; except when the doorbell rings. But, I know it’s my mailman Paul with a package of something I’ve ordered, and that’s great. Thinking outside of my boxed self is enjoyable. The rants don’t come easily, […]


When Cork Dork Is Too Simple a Name, or a.k.a. Charm School Dropouts

I love W. Blake Gray, of the Gray Market Report. When he read this story last year, he commented, “Hilarious, Jo. I don’t know how many if any of these things I’ve been guilty of, but I know in the future I’ll be wary of causing Pourus Interruptus.” I’ve had time to think about this […]


Road Warrior Survival Guide ~ Revisited

If you’ve read this one before, you know there’s room for additions. This was first published in Wine Business Monthly. It’s one of my rare rants, and was born from being on the road a bit too much (I think) at the time. While my schedule has slowed down, the following behaviors haven’t… Enjoy! We […]


How do Hurricane Katrina and wine come together in the same breath?

The wine writers I’ve featured on this blog, up to this point, have been people I’ve worked with over the years. Recently, I was asked by wine writer Lorrie LeBeaux if I’d write about her on my blog. Lorrie S. LeBeaux ~ originally from New Orleans ~ Wine Writer #37… “Hum…” I thought to myself, […]