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Off the Beaten Path with Joe Roberts, Red Wine Varieties

I received an E-Mail from FIX that’s worth sharing, about red wine varieties that are off the beaten path, which includes Petite Sirah. Hey, Jo, My name is Kat and I work for We recently published an article by Joe Roberts, creator of wine website 1WineDude about branching out, and discovering different varieties of […]


Who are those Top 10 Most Important Wine Bloggers in the US, Paul Mabray Inspired? + Mike Dunne

Well, wasn’t yesterday fun? I saw it coming, but not completely. Here’s my look at the 10 Most Important Wine Bloggers in the US today, by category and not in any specific order: Charming ~ Alana Gentry ~ Girl With a Glass Endearing ~ Megan Kinney ~ Wannabe Wino Studious ~ Gwendolyn Alley ~ Wine […]


Patty Bogle’s Memorial Service

This image has been borrowed from a story written by Chris Macias, entitled, “Remembering Patty Bogle,” in the Sacramento Bee. Tonight at Dark & Delicious (Petite Sirah’s pre-eminent wine and food pairing event), everyone will take a moment at 7:00 p.m. to clink their glasses, in loving memory of Patty Bogle. If you also love […]