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Petite Sirah Winemakers: Why is Petite Sirah Important to me personally, why bother to make it?

From yesterday’s story, here are the Petite Sirah winemakers and vintners answers, in the order of when they got back to me, regarding, “Why do you make Petite Sirah?” Larry Schaffer, tercero wines I love Petite Sirah for a number of reasons. It’s an ‘underdog’ variety, one that doesn’t get the notice nor the ‘publicity’ […]


Winemaker Video Series ~ Gustafson Family Vineyards with Emmett Reed

Gustafson Family Vineyard has been a favorite on Wine-Blog, because both owner Dan Gustafson and winemaker Emmett Reed have gone out of their way to over deliver. Both articulate gentlemen are very eager to share. Some people are just easy to be around, and that would be Dan and Emmett. There’s never been a time […]


Historic Vineyard Society

This is a group, even though I’m not involved, that’s near and dear to my heart. With my involvement on behalf of Petite Sirah, and PS being a heritage grape variety, I get what this group is doing… Preservation and historical relevance, I can dig that. I’ve been fighting hard for the last nine years […]