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Chilean Wine Lineup ~ Viña Tarapacá

[PHOTO: Jo Diaz] The fourth in a series about Sustainable Chilean Wines… Intro – Chilean Wines that Collectively Underline Chile’s Historic Commitments. Chilean Wine Lineup ~ Viña Maquis Gran Reserva Chilean Wine Lineup ~ Viña Koyle Family Vineyards Now – Chilean Wine Lineup ~ Viña Tarapacá I’m in a process of learning… So welcome, especially […]


Heartwarming Wines ~ I’m Going for The Reds ~ Part 2

I’ve written about winter white wines, in Winter Wonderland Whites: Think Wine, Regionality, Food, and Umani Ronchi Vellodoro Pecorino. I also want to pay homage to winter reds as Heartwarming Wines, because they just are. National Heart Month is February, as you probably remember. Focusing on reds now, most especially, is very evocative for anything […]


Number 7 reason why consumers might want to pay top dollar for wine

Sean Piper, of Napa Vintage Wines, just posted the following on his Facebook page: “Dear Wine Consumers: You don’t have to pay top dollar for wine, but there are reasons you might want to.” Of course – it got my creative juices flowing about what would be number 7. Doesn’t something provocative do this to […]


Petite Sirah, fighting the good fight

Petite Sirah, fighting the good fight is constant… Sigh… yet another example of job security for me, as I just read from a Midwest source:


Petite Sirah Topic ~ Thanks for jogging me Berserkers, seriously…

When I wrote Should Petite Sirah be a Rhône variety? the last thing I had on my mind was a rant. I was reacting to two private E-mails; one from a great US Petite Sirah producer and the other from a US writer, who loves Petite Sirah… one of our greatest cheerleaders. They had an […]


Should Petite Sirah be a Rhône variety?

I was just asked this question: Should Petite Sirah be a Rhône varietal? My answer: I don’t think of it as a Rhône variety. I think of it having Rhône roots, but nobody seems to advocate/brag for its Rhôneness… including me. It’s an American transplant, all the way. This is also just my humble opinion. With this one, […]


Are you needing to Rhone this spring?

UPDATE: Winner ~ Monique Dublis CONTEST. Just comment this week on Wine-Blog (on any story throughout the week). On Saturday, March 10, I’ll have a drawing for a pair of tickets to the Rhone Rangers Grand Tasting. Good luck, one and all. Here’s the skinny! More than 100 Vintners to Gather in San Francisco for […]