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Rex Pickett and Boo Walker ~ A Journey Created

My review of Vertical, by Rex Pickett, happened in stages. It’s a very different way to write a review, I have to admit. And it also makes a bit of sense to me, as Rex Pickett is a very non-traditional kinda guy. Once I published my review, Rex Pickett reached out to me. The version […]


Rex Pickett of Sideways fame is at it again ~ This time it’s a play in Santa Monica

Sideways, the book that became a movie that launched a new generation of wine drinkers and drove Pinot Noir sales up 17 percent in the U.S. wine industry, is returning. This time it’s to the stage in Santa Monica, California. Rex Pickett, the author of Sideways, has adapted his book for the stage, which opened […]


Wines To Fall In Love With This Valentine’s Day

You just know that I’m going to say Petite Sirah, don’t you? And, you’d be right. Why else would I have a food and wine event always right near February 14th? We never have PS I Love You’s annual food and wine event, called Dark & Delicious, right on that day, because being with about […]