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Update on Ronn Wiegand of Restaurant Wine ~ Inquiring Minds Want to Know

For those of you who might be missing Ronn Wiegand of Restaurant Wines, let’s catch up. From Ronn: “I’ve been returning to California to taste 2-3 times every year since 2011, and each of my visits lasts a full four weeks or more (so at least two months a year in California tastings). This means […]


Can you send your review to me about my wine, so I can market myself?

Ronn offers a stellar wine program…


Restaurant Wine by Ronn Wiegand ~ Submitting Samples

One of the greatest joys I’ve experienced in the wine business is the relationships that I’ve been able to build within the wine writing community. Ronn Wiegand, MS and MW, of Restaurant Wines is right up there with the best. Although he’s moved from Napa to Europe, the bond continues for this bright and talented […]


Barry Cothran is Named 2009 On-Premise Wine Marketer of the Year by Restaurant Wine

Barry Cothran from the Rutherford Grill is named 2009 On-Premise Wine Marketer of the Year by Restaurant Wine Magazine, with La Crema Winery being named as Winery of the Year for 2009. I believe it’s no coincidence that the Rutherford Grill is one of my favorite restaurants, and La Crema is one of my favorite […]