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In Wine PR, what went around has come back around

Two very thoughtful pieces, one written by wine blogger Tom Wark and another one by Steve Heimoff, are telling the story I’ve also been watching unfold, as clients continue to narrow their wine samples releases down to those wine writers who remain in power. Unfortunately, there’s a hierarchy of who will and does have influence […]


Social media marketing requests are stepping up their game

I’ve been big on posting the latest pitches from those wanting to get inside wine bloggers’ sites with their own plants. Let this one go down historically as the “best yet” for a social media marketing requests… Perhaps “the best ever,” even. They are noticeably evolving in a more sophisticated pitch. Am I tempted? No… […]


Imitation is the highest form of flattery and the lowest form of creativity

After yet another email from a client, who is being shadowed by what I could only call a “younger brother” imitating his every move, I had to calm him down; “Imitation is the highest form of flattery and the lowest form of creativity,” I said. The Art of War… What can anyone do, when you’re […]