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Beyond the Doobies And ReWineDing Their Rock Careers

Living and loving my way through the Summer of Love, the 70s, and the 80s has provided more than a few great stories; but, the one that connected me to FM radio and finding myself just about living backstage with the rockers is by far the most relevant. It all began with my repeating a […]


Rockers Gone (Wine) Wild ~ Bad Company’s Paul Cullen & AC/DC Join the Ranks

BAD COMPANY’S PAUL CULLEN: Wine, food, and song does it for Paul Cullen… (Being a rocker, I’m sure that women are in that mix, too; as in keeping with wine, women, and song…) In the 1990s, Paul Cullen was the base player for Bad Company. While he’s still a musician (now a guitarist who plays […]