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Bordeaux ~ Mirror of Water ~ partie neuf

Bordeaux, the pearl of Aquitaine… the fascination continues. Millesima

If I were to travel to Bordeaux, where is one place I would definitely want to visit, based on what I’ve now learned?
The Miroir d’eau (Water Mirror)


The Removal of Wine Train passengers is a symptom of a bigger problem

Well, this was bound to happen, regardless of race, creed, or political party. The removal of Wine Train passengers brings a lot of issues to the forefront, from the side of someone on the other side of the bar. Let me digress for a second… When I was working in tasting rooms, inevitably some group […]


Holy cowness and Mon Dieu!

Everybody seems to be talking about this, so let’s catch up. Story in the Drinks Business ~ “French cows fed wine to increase flavour.” The sub title reads: A number of farmers in the Languedoc have taken to feeding their cattle local red wine to improve the flavour of their beef. [Buckle ’em up, Honey, […]


The Culture of Spitting ~ I’m From the School of Jackson Pollack Versus Pablo Picasso

My copy of Vineyard & Winery Management just arrived. Editor Tina Caputo wrote on Facebook that it’s her favorite cover ever. I can see why. Chad Johnson (left) and Cory Baunel (right) of Walla Walla’s Dusted Valley Vintners are having a good spit. Kevin Masterman took the shot… straight into the wind. As I looked […]


Adventures in Portuguese History Have Created an Abundant Food & Wine Legacy

[All comments for today will count toward The Vintner’s Luck ~ A Give Away ~ You may enter once a day to increase your chances.] I wrote this article for the International Council of Reflexologists, Newsletter 2010. They are having their annual conference in Castro Verde, Portugal in 2011. This story was intended to introduce […]