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Social Wine Community Networks to Follow

Image via CrunchBase No matter which ones I sign up for, there’s no getting ahead of Joel Vincent, that I can tell you for sure. I become a member of any wine community page, and BINGO… Joel’s my friend. Just once, I’d like to join an online wine community, and find it before Joel does, […]


“Still Partying” Thoughts That Might Hold Some Answers

Here’s a comment that I received in response to my Wine Spectator blog, which came from the Open Wine Consortium Website. It was asked by Ron McFarland of New Zealand Foods, and is a look with predictions into the future of advertising. Time will tell if any of this makes sense or not. Jo You are pretty […]


Most Prodigious Anonymous Blog Commenter: Morton Leslie

Image via Wikipedia I think it’s very clever that Sgt. Sassafras of Las Flores View Point Squirrel Colony (Camp Pendleton, CA), who has given out the Wine Squirrel Awards has noted ~ in his award ~ what wine bloggers have all been quietly asking themselves, “Who is that masked man, anyway?” (i.e., Most Prodigious Anonymous […]


Some Truths Behind the Wine Industry and Social Media

Open Wine Consortium is one of the social networks where I find myself visiting with frequency. One can’t be left behind, once one knows there’s a movement afoot. Open Wine Consortium was the support system behind the Wine Bloggers Conference, and I find myself drawn in, a bit like a moth to a flame. As […]