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Defining terroir, it’s a science not a myth

Paul Skinner is brilliant man. Many are happy to attest to that. I only write this about him, because I recently found myself defending his brilliance to someone who just didn’t want to believe what I had come to know… about the AVA’s climate, and who Paul Skinner is in this business.


Suisun Valley’s Climate is Revealed Through a Study of Terra Spase

As I read writers stating that the climate of Suisun Valley is warmer than Napa’s, I’m reminded of the many hours I sat in on a study being conducted by Dr. Paul Skinner of Terra Spase and Vineyard Investigations, of Napa Valley. I was also there to read the final report, interpret it, write a […]


The Hush-Hush Blueberry Patch ~ A Juicy Tale

This is a story of something that happens within the wine business, where everyone in the business knows about it, but nobody’s talking. The concept for me dates back to my childhood, and a mannerism that my grandfather taught me. The parallel behavior is the same, the names of the characters and place of the […]


Watching an AVA Bloom ~ Suisun Valley has a sellout Passport Weekend

It’s an amazing thing to watch an AVA come alive. When I arrived at a meeting of wine grape growers in Suisun Valley about five years ago, the general consensus was that it was time for Suisun Valley wine grape growers to step into the spotlight. They were living and working in a forgotten appellation, placed […]


Suisun Valley AVA Climate, Topography, and Wine Grape Characterization Study

In May of 2008, Suisun Valley Grape Growers Association hired Terra Spase of Napa, California, to begin the process of scientifically defining their terroir. Proprietor Paul Skinner and his staff immediately initiated the project, which was to inventory and assess the conditions of the available climatic and topographic data for the Suisun Valley AVA. Suisun […]