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Content Marketers: If you’ve *really* been reading my blog …

Content Marketers: If you’ve *really* been reading my blog, then you know it’s my personal wine journal [Definition of content marketing: Wiki ~ “Content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.”] I have to go on record with this one. Many […]


The 10 Most Important Wine Bloggers in the US, Paul Mabray Inspired

The most important thing to remember with any list is that it’s subjective to the author, and it’s limited by that person’s experiences. I’ve heard a lot of scuttlebutt about Paul Mabray’s 9 Most Important Wine Bloggers in the US list since it was published; and it’s a good list, based on his experiences and […]


Hurray New York Times! has written: “NEW YORK—In a move that media executives, economic forecasters, and business analysts alike are calling “extremely bold,” put into place a groundbreaking new business model today in which the news website will charge people money to consume the goods and services it provides. ‘The whole idea of an American business trying […]


Growing Grapes Helps Writing?

My friend Sondra Barrett, of just sent this to me as an idea for another blog story: “Thought of you when I read this – a future blog – growing  grapes helps writing?” Sondra had just read a New York Times Story about Emilio Estevez, entitled, “Growing Grapes as Part of a Real-Life Script.” […]


Delia Viader, One of My Favorite Wine Characters

THE WOMAN: Citizens of the world are rare. They truly are the ones, who are the jewels in the crown of life. That’s not because they shine more brightly than the rest of us; it’s because there’s such humility attached to their auras as a result of their extensive travels, that the shining just becomes […]


What are The Pros and Cons of the i-Pad as a Wine Menu?

[I have borrowed this image, which is the property of Erik S. Lesser for the New York Times, which was used to enhance Kevin Sack’s story.] My friend Paul Rude of Castro Verde, Portugal, just forwarded this story to me that was in the New York Times: Choosing Wines at the Touch of a Screen, […]


Ten Wine Marketing Take-Aways From Times²

Having just returned from meeting my Alentejo client Delfim Costa, and our new importer Adele Capela (Value Vines) in New York City, my Times Square experience is still swimming around inside of my head. First of all, the last time I was in Time Square experiencing it was in the 1980s.  Jose and I traveled […]


What’s the silver bullet, Dr. Vino?

[This Petite Sirah character was created by Appellation America, based on a poem I had written about Petite Sirah. Do you need inspiration, a wine with sensation?] The question posed to Dr. Vino at the Eighth Annual Petite Sirah Noble Symposium this year was, “Can Petite Sirah be the next Pinot Noir?” Or, more to […]


Top 100 Wine Blogs in a Google Search: Reveals about 40,400,000 entries for wine blog

I just searched Google for the term “wine blog.” The search revealed that there are now 40,000,000 entries that qualify under “wine blog.” Some of them, of course, are duplicates, but still… this number is astounding. It’s no accident that is on that first page. When it came time for me to pick a […]


One of The Most Interesting Aspects of Portugal in the Alentejo Wine Grape Growing Region

The history of Portugal is richly fascinating, and even more amazing when you visit and see it firsthand. Being there allowed me to experience and touch its ancient past, while exploring the immensely popular and emerging wine region of the world today… the Alentejo. I’m not going to ask you to take only my word […]