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Mission Grape Has Played a Major Role in California Wine Viticultural History

The following was a final project that I wrote for my Enology class taught by Pat Henderson, winemaker for Valley of the Moon. After my presentation, which included a tasting of a light but flavorful Malvadino Mission wine, Pat asked for permission to use this piece in future classes… Permission granted. So, today, I’m not […]


The Day We Bought Off God

This story has two inspirations: Michael Odza of Gold Medal Wine Club, who just queried me to ask if I’d considering writing about the Gold Medal Wine Club: He also wrote: “Wine poetry — a long- and unjustly neglected art! Thank you for that.” He’s located in Santa Fe, New Mexico My memories of Santa […]


How do I feel about illegal aliens… I feel a lot and have a really simple solution.

First of all, this is coming from a white woman who was born in Maine, and still has deep Yankee roots… I’m so white that I can go out on Halloween without a sheet and be taken for wearing a ghost costume, so don’t let the name “Diaz” fool you. I picked that up when […]