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From Queen Ann’s Lace to Starting a Wine Grape Advocacy Group

THE FACEBOOK PHOTO: This image was taken while walking with winemaker Steve Hall, just prior to interviewing him about “The Old Kraft Vineyard.” Jose and I were doing a video shoot about Robert Biale Vineyards. THE FACEBOOK ENTRY: Once upon 1968… I was walking with two men (who were talking above my thinking attention span […]


Let’s Hear It For the Boys ~ At J Winery, That Is

This story about J is going to be very different from most wine stories that wax poetic about the owner, the winemaker, or the wines. This one’s about a front liner… someone who is the face for most people when they come to wine country to learn about wine and are greeted by the hospitality […]


Earth Day in Wine Country ~ 40th Anniversary

It’s April 22, 2010, and the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. I was part of the first Earth Day movement, while living in Maine. I do believe the statement that “As Maine goes, so goes the nation,” about so many things… But not all things. Maine is backwards as regards wine being regulated. They’re coming […]