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Wine & Sex, as prescribed by Dr. Ruth + How many calories are there are in a glass of wine + How many calories in sexual activities

Forget “Lite” wine. Enjoy real wine, know the calories, and know what you have to do to burn them off… Inspired by Dr. Ruth… The decade: The 1980… The show: David Letterman, who was still at the NBC studios… The audience: Jose and Jo Diaz, among others… Strong memories from the show: The star: Dr. […]


The Ultimate Wine Soap Opera ~ Cheesecake in the Vines

When I read this headline and teaser from Wine Business’s Daily news, I just had to laugh… NBC is planning a supernatural prime time soap opera, “Vines,” set in the Napa Valley The show, which has yet to be made into a pilot, follows a troubled family who buy a Napa Valley vineyard in hopes […]


Wine Dinner in New York City at The Modern Sets a City Standard for Opulence

Staging “the” Perfect Meeting with Client and Media If you’re just getting into PR, a perfect setting is really important when you’re planning a meeting. This is my most recent example. I just traveled to New York City to discuss Finisterra and Alente wines (from the Alentejo region of Portugal) with an important group of […]


Ann Rea Captures Kunde: “In Wine Country” as part of that Program

All I could think was, “Pinch me… I can’t believe I finally got myself away from my computer and back into spectacular vineyards, where I feel great peace.” It was a day for which my friend Ann Rea had asked, “Would it help you in any way to meet the ‘In Wine Country’ crew? If […]