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Petite Sirah Winemakers: Why is Petite Sirah Important to me personally, why bother to make it?

From yesterday’s story, here are the Petite Sirah winemakers and vintners answers, in the order of when they got back to me, regarding, “Why do you make Petite Sirah?” Larry Schaffer, tercero wines I love Petite Sirah for a number of reasons. It’s an ‘underdog’ variety, one that doesn’t get the notice nor the ‘publicity’ […]


Is Petite Sirah, that Special Black Opal of the Wine World, a Winemaker’s Wine? Winemakers weigh in

Through my 10 year relationship with this heritage variety and PS I Love You, I’ve come to believe that Petite Sirah is a winemaker’s wine; otherwise, why would the 8o0+ winemakers who craft it even bother with it? Why wouldn’t they just be using it as a blending ingredient, as they did from the 1970s […]